When someone asks me about our group, my immediate response is “Ashley and this group has saved my life”. I know this seems a bit dramatic, but I can check off so many boxes and areas in my own life, that this group has just filled, nurtured and rescued. I am a mother of three young children. Three c-sections, a child with some traumatic medical scares and transition from a full-time working mother to stay at home parent are just a few realities that have changed me as a person. Loneliness, anxiety and full on neglect for my own health (mental and physical) crept in quick. I’ve known Ashley my whole life and when she started this class I felt as if it was a safe place. I still tried to talk myself out of showing up and Ashley gently encouraged me to “just show up”. So that’s what I did and that’s what I do every week. I have been challenged mentally and physically by this class. It’s hard! Can I tell you that it is so worth it! Ashley meets us where we are at and gives modifications as we go. She knows when to push and how hard. When I am scared and don’t think I can do it, Ashley and the whole group lift me up. My body keeps getting stronger, my nerves are calmed, and my heart is just happy. This is Walla Walla Fit Connect. This is Family.