When I first heard of WWFC, I have to be honest I was a little judgmental. I thought to myself “How could a group of moms really be getting a good work out in?” I am former college basketball player and coach and I knew what I wanted in terms of a workout. After, months of random friends saying “Hey! you should join me!” I finally decided to give it a try. Boy were my first thoughts wrong. Ashley is an amazing instructor, she adapts classes so that you do what you are comfortable with at any fitness level. I went in a few months postpartum really needing work on core and pelvic floor, she was able to accommodate my needs. Now I am able to do a full push-up and plank. Not only have my fitness goals changed, but so has my sense of community. This group of women is a sounding board, that are in the trenches of raising kids along with you. The relationships I have created through this group have been some of the most enriching relationships in my adult life. Mommas, do yourself a favor and invest in relationships that make YOU stronger and healthier.