My husband and I moved our family to Walla Walla in October. I was four months postpartum and needed to get back into shape. I was also looking to meet other moms. This fitness group was just what I needed. When I joined, I had the assumption that this group would be a bunch of moms walking around a track or gym with strollers while chitchatting. After attending my first class, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a full-body, high intensity workout with a variety of exercises. Since joining this group, I have made new friends, connected with other moms, got back into shape after having my first baby, and enjoyed variety of exercises that are differentiated and modified for my needs as well as others. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. The bonus to this fitness group is you get to bring your kids along with and there are the “MNO” moms’ night out which are always fun and different. This class has totally been an answer to prayer for me. I love starting my day with my baby girl at Walla Walla Fit Connect!


I started attending WWfitconnect one week after moving into town and I don’t think they’ll ever know how much of a positive impact they have had on my life since that moment. The community is EVERYTHING with this group and the friendships I have made here are with the most authentic women I’ve ever met. Which is incredibly refreshing. It’s actually something that I’ve been searching years to find! I had someone ask me what my favorite thing about living in Walla Walla was and without hesitation I responded, “wwfitconnect!”

Each class I am pushed physically, and consistently motivated to make attending class a priority. As a result my strength (physically and mentally) is increasing! The instructors are very focused on teaching correct form, showing modifications if needed, and cheering us on! While the community is loving and embracing. We sweat, laugh, and deal with our kiddo’s tantrums ALL together and I couldn’t be more grateful for that! Plus Mom’s Night Out is always a highlight for me!


When I first heard of WWFC, I have to be honest I was a little judgmental. I thought to myself “How could a group of moms really be getting a good work out in?” I am former college basketball player and coach and I knew what I wanted in terms of a workout. After, months of random friends saying “Hey! you should join me!” I finally decided to give it a try. Boy were my first thoughts wrong. Ashley is an amazing instructor, she adapts classes so that you do what you are comfortable with at any fitness level. I went in a few months postpartum really needing work on core and pelvic floor, she was able to accommodate my needs. Now I am able to do a full push-up and plank. Not only have my fitness goals changed, but so has my sense of community. This group of women is a sounding board, that are in the trenches of raising kids along with you. The relationships I have created through this group have been some of the most enriching relationships in my adult life. Mommas, do yourself a favor and invest in relationships that make YOU stronger and healthier.

Morgan Wolff

I joined the Walla Walla Fit Connect Stroller Group in September of 2019 after I saw them in my neighborhood working out with their kids in tow. Every Fit-Connect workout is unique, channeling different muscle groups that you definitely feel the next day which speaks to the effectiveness of this program. Ashley packs a lot of work in to each 50 minute session which I can appreciate as a mom of two little girls with a busy family life – I love that I can get in and out while my oldest is at preschool and still feel like I got a killer workout in.

Not only has Fit-Connect filled a physical activity void that Walla Walla has been missing, but through this group, we have cultivated an amazing “tribe” of moms who regularly meet for nights out, support each other, and have become some of my best friends

Shannon McAndrews

When someone asks me about our group, my immediate response is “Ashley and this group has saved my life”. I know this seems a bit dramatic, but I can check off so many boxes and areas in my own life, that this group has just filled, nurtured and rescued. I am a mother of three young children. Three c-sections, a child with some traumatic medical scares and transition from a full-time working mother to stay at home parent are just a few realities that have changed me as a person. Loneliness, anxiety and full on neglect for my own health (mental and physical) crept in quick. I’ve known Ashley my whole life and when she started this class I felt as if it was a safe place. I still tried to talk myself out of showing up and Ashley gently encouraged me to “just show up”. So that’s what I did and that’s what I do every week. I have been challenged mentally and physically by this class. It’s hard! Can I tell you that it is so worth it! Ashley meets us where we are at and gives modifications as we go. She knows when to push and how hard. When I am scared and don’t think I can do it, Ashley and the whole group lift me up. My body keeps getting stronger, my nerves are calmed, and my heart is just happy. This is Walla Walla Fit Connect. This is Family.

Tessa Massey