Macro Nutrition and Strength Training

After a year of group fitness work, several clients reached out and expressed that they knew they had come leaps and bounds in their endurance and strength, but still really wanted to shred some pounds.

We started by setting up macro nutrition plans specific to each person and the results were really incredible. Along with their exercise, six clients lost a combined 46 lbs in 4-6 weeks.

About The Program

Macro nutrition –  Involves tracking the three macronutrients of the body: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The program teaches you how to make meals that fuel your body with nutrient dense foods. It keeps you accountable and it becomes easier and easier as you learn how to properly pair foods together.

Strength Training – This is an at home 4-6 week virtual training. Clients can opt to go for a longer period of time, increasing resistance and focusing on range of motion and form. The training is broken down into subgroups: leg day, glutes, arms, chest/back, core and AMRP (as many reps as possible).

Equipment – Minimal equipment is required, with clients needing only a set of dumbbells, a long resistance band with handles, a yoga mat and a mini band.

Support – Support is offered in a private Facebook group for those in the program. Your instructor is always available for questions, modifications, education and support.

***As a note, the program is much more effective if done together (macros and training) but can be done separate.

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